Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why should you try Linux?

Many people use operating systems such as Windows or OS X merely because it came installed on the computer they purchased. Have you ever considered using Linux? There are many reasons to give Linux a try and below I will go over 5 of the main reasons I feel someone should at least try Linux at some point or another.

It works on old hardware. If you have an older computer that you're not quite sure what to do with, Linux can give it new life. You might for instance, use a Linux distribution to turn an older computer into a media file server to have a centralized location for all your media.

It's highly customizable. As with other operating systems, it's possible to customize Linux to look the way you would like it to look. If you don't like the desktop environment that came with the Linux distribution you installed then you can just install a different one without having to do a total new installation.

Tinkering with it provides an opportunity to learn. I will be the first to admit that the learning curve for Linux is pretty high BUT the community of the more popular Linux distributions are great and many are eager to help out newby usrs. For instance, Ubuntu has a great community over at their forums.

There's a wide variety of distributions available. If you downloaded one and didn't like the way it looked or for whatever reason, there are so many different Linux distributions out there that there will certainly be something for everyone. As I mentioned already, if you don't like just a few things within it you can customize it.

It's FREE to download and use. You can't really argue with FREE. All that one has to do is download the .iso file and write the image to a cd, dvd, or usb stick depending on the size of the .iso.

I hope that the reasons I have explained above convince you in at least trying a Linux distribution at some point and something I didn't mention is that you can just "try" them out from a live cd or a live usb without affecting your currently installed OS at all.

-Ubu out
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