Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Windows 8 consumer preview NOW AVAILABLE

You've been waiting and waiting. You may have even ran the developers version of Windows 8 in a VM. Well your wait is over. The consumer preview (MS is calling it a Pre-release version) is available for download.

More info HERE

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Profit with Piracy - Shame Shame on you

"Don't copy that Floppy!" Who remembers that advertisement back when a 3.5" or 5.5" Floppy Disk was the only storage device for software and carrying around data? Here's the unofficial video that aired on Television I believe.

This is potentially a huge issue and no one really fully understands it. Does everyone realize how bad the piracy is in the world. Take Sony Vegas Pro, it's a Linear Video editing software package that "kids" (not even 13 yet) are pirating it so that they can use the best software out there to make YouTube videos which these kids make MONEY off of. So in a sense due to how contracts are and agreements with using copyrighted material (like video game play) within an illegal software package is NOT GOOD! People are making millions of dollars on their YouTube channels and "some" are most likely using pirated software only because the piracy blocking for keys is just not strong enough to deter people from using it for profit business's.

I know I am off topic but in a sense it's all tied together. The government wants to stop piracy for a reason, because hard working individuals at Sony are more or less getting screwed IF Sony can't make money on their software because people are in essence stealing it, which then makes them put pressure on the legislation and government to go after these piracy type torrent sites etc etc BUT that's a very tough debate to have as I am not aware of all the facts regarding megaupload.
So next time you're considering stealing software keep in mind the impact you're having on the larger picture. Thank you.

-Ubu out

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Milwaukee, WI - You enjoy Gaming & Anime?

Milwaukee, WI has an Anime show that started yesterday (I know, I am LATE. Sorry :). It's being held at various buildings located between North Water Street and North 6th Street on East Kilbourn Avenue.
It will have many hobbies presented and showcased some of which are; Gaming, Anime, Panels, Video Rooms, Children's Programming, Tabletop Gaming (what, whahhhh? Table tennis? LOL - doubt it but you never know. :)  It's a very affordable event, it can be fun for all ages and could be a great bonding experience for the huge age division of parents and their children.
There's many other events and things to check out. It seem almost similar with The Midwest Gaming Classic Show coming this year on March 24 & 25 BUT Anime Milwaukee 2012 will be more driven towards Anime.

You can find all the info at AnimeMilwaukee

(Artwork taken from website)

Friday, February 17, 2012

"Big Data" and the future Web Data

Does everyone really truly understand what is occurring right now? We're in a technological era where everything will be on the Internet. All data will go thru the Internet. YouTube is at the forefront of Online Entertainment without a doubt. When you have a single YouTube channel getting 20,000,000 views for 1 video which beats out most TV Stations we all need to realize that TV is NOT where you'll watch you're entertainment. You'll watch it on an UbuntuTV! Which will hopefully have Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, TwitchTV, YouTube, Grooveshark (music), Picasa Web (online photo sharing), and Video chatting. You won't have to leave your family room anymore, you can do everything for Entertainment in your most comfortable room in the house.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jumping jalopies Ubu, an 8" iPad?

What would you say if there was a new iPad coming out that was only 8" versus 9.7", had a Retina Display and may run on LTE? Would you buy it?
Personally I am having a hard time getting into the tablet's due to missing a mouse or trackpad but I am sure I will grow into those missing features over time.

Read the full story at EnGadget

Monday, February 13, 2012

Business Decisions - Windows 7 or Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix

Windows 7 is compared with Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix in its interface and software capabilties from an end-user’s perspective, plus the ease of installation, security and maintenance considerations for administrators.
Microsoft Windows may be the de facto standard desktop operating system in business environments, but high costs, restrictive licences and constant security issues are leading an increasing number of companies to consider open source alternatives — as Kat Orphanides from explains. 

Read full review/comparison HERE

Check out the official Canonical Webpage HERE

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ubu's YouTube channel has something for everyone

I've been making YouTube videos since early 2010 on 1 channel. I have since abandoned that channel to start in a whole new direction. Only high effort videos of Ubuntu tutorials, Gaming Accessories Tutorials, Xbox 360 Tutorials, FPS Gameplay tips, tricks, and commentaries. I have so many to come I always have a tough decision to make on which one I should I upload next.
This is one regarding the usage of an analog Wireless RF Gaming Headset for headphones with any analog audio device (example: home entertainment system or computer) Enjoy and subscribe for more.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Midwest Gaming Classic, Ubu will be there

The Midwest Gaming Classic is back again this year and it's scheduled to take place in Brookfield, WI on March 24 and March 25 of 2012.
It's a great time for all ages. People older like I am who remember classic video arcade machines and people who are younger who only know Xbox 360 or PS3 or PC Gaming. There's something for everyone. I will be there in full force both days and I will be wearing my MW3 shirt OR a Team Ubu shirt with my custom company logo for UbuTech LLC.

Last year I saw an old Macintosh Plus which was converted into some sort of light thingamajigga. I  actually shed a tear due that being the first computer I ever used. My father still has it and I can't wait to showcase it one of these days.

All the info can be found at their website and I hope to see you there!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ubu can tile as well......

I'd like to think of myself as more of a brains and fingers (keyboard) sort of guy but I have more then your average consumer's experience with almost all facets of building new as well as remodeling. I worked in custom cabinetry before I went into Design Engineering and was fortunate to have a boss that decided to build a brand new home which resulted in both of us learning many new things regarding the complete finishing of an entire basement home. One aspect of construction that I did learn was Tiling. With the right equipment it can accomplished.
Tile can be affordable and very durable. More durable then various other flooring which can be ripped, stained, and even lose it's adhesion after many years go by. 
I'd like to "show off" my latest job that I am in the middle of. The grout is going in today.
You can me at 414-502-8017 if interested in a FREE Estimate. Unfortunately I am not insured which I can understand "may" be a concern but I am aware of all safety procedures and am a careful person to begin with since tile can crack and break if not cut slowly. Enjoy the photos and comment if you'd like.

Sub-floor is in great shape which saves the customer money
 Mixing the mortar
Wet saw required for making cuts
Half way done with laying the tile
Sometimes cuts can be tricky but with knowledge it works. I used a tool to remove those remaining chips of tile from the cutout for the stair banister
Job finished minus the grout which is being done today
Grout complete pre-cleaning #1
Grout complete pre-cleaning #2