Monday, February 6, 2012

Ubu can tile as well......

I'd like to think of myself as more of a brains and fingers (keyboard) sort of guy but I have more then your average consumer's experience with almost all facets of building new as well as remodeling. I worked in custom cabinetry before I went into Design Engineering and was fortunate to have a boss that decided to build a brand new home which resulted in both of us learning many new things regarding the complete finishing of an entire basement home. One aspect of construction that I did learn was Tiling. With the right equipment it can accomplished.
Tile can be affordable and very durable. More durable then various other flooring which can be ripped, stained, and even lose it's adhesion after many years go by. 
I'd like to "show off" my latest job that I am in the middle of. The grout is going in today.
You can me at 414-502-8017 if interested in a FREE Estimate. Unfortunately I am not insured which I can understand "may" be a concern but I am aware of all safety procedures and am a careful person to begin with since tile can crack and break if not cut slowly. Enjoy the photos and comment if you'd like.

Sub-floor is in great shape which saves the customer money
 Mixing the mortar
Wet saw required for making cuts
Half way done with laying the tile
Sometimes cuts can be tricky but with knowledge it works. I used a tool to remove those remaining chips of tile from the cutout for the stair banister
Job finished minus the grout which is being done today
Grout complete pre-cleaning #1
Grout complete pre-cleaning #2

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