Saturday, February 18, 2012

Milwaukee, WI - You enjoy Gaming & Anime?

Milwaukee, WI has an Anime show that started yesterday (I know, I am LATE. Sorry :). It's being held at various buildings located between North Water Street and North 6th Street on East Kilbourn Avenue.
It will have many hobbies presented and showcased some of which are; Gaming, Anime, Panels, Video Rooms, Children's Programming, Tabletop Gaming (what, whahhhh? Table tennis? LOL - doubt it but you never know. :)  It's a very affordable event, it can be fun for all ages and could be a great bonding experience for the huge age division of parents and their children.
There's many other events and things to check out. It seem almost similar with The Midwest Gaming Classic Show coming this year on March 24 & 25 BUT Anime Milwaukee 2012 will be more driven towards Anime.

You can find all the info at AnimeMilwaukee

(Artwork taken from website)

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