Sunday, February 19, 2012

Profit with Piracy - Shame Shame on you

"Don't copy that Floppy!" Who remembers that advertisement back when a 3.5" or 5.5" Floppy Disk was the only storage device for software and carrying around data? Here's the unofficial video that aired on Television I believe.

This is potentially a huge issue and no one really fully understands it. Does everyone realize how bad the piracy is in the world. Take Sony Vegas Pro, it's a Linear Video editing software package that "kids" (not even 13 yet) are pirating it so that they can use the best software out there to make YouTube videos which these kids make MONEY off of. So in a sense due to how contracts are and agreements with using copyrighted material (like video game play) within an illegal software package is NOT GOOD! People are making millions of dollars on their YouTube channels and "some" are most likely using pirated software only because the piracy blocking for keys is just not strong enough to deter people from using it for profit business's.

I know I am off topic but in a sense it's all tied together. The government wants to stop piracy for a reason, because hard working individuals at Sony are more or less getting screwed IF Sony can't make money on their software because people are in essence stealing it, which then makes them put pressure on the legislation and government to go after these piracy type torrent sites etc etc BUT that's a very tough debate to have as I am not aware of all the facts regarding megaupload.
So next time you're considering stealing software keep in mind the impact you're having on the larger picture. Thank you.

-Ubu out
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