Monday, December 31, 2012

UMG10k - Black Ops II Tournament

Since I live fairly close to Downer's Grove, Illinois, I was fortunate enough to make an appearance at the $10,000 Black Ops II Tournament at Game Pazzo this past weekend. I was able to attend both on Saturday as well as on Sunday. I believe Friday they conducted some of the FFA matches due to such a large number of players entering the FFA portion of the Tournament.

It turned out to be a very large venue with 60+ teams (4 players each), a lot of 2 player teams for the 2v2 Tournament portion, and 40+ FFA players for the FFA Tournament portion. I myself entered the FFA Tournament but didn't do very well (I still had a blast entering). Some of the professional MLG teams that were in attendance included;
OpTic Gaming
I can't list them all and to be honest I am not totally familiar with the competitive COD (Call of Duty) scene as this was my first appearance at a Tournament. This event wasn't sponsored by Major League Gaming (MLG), it was only a local LAN but with that said the turn out was enormous. You can check out the bracket for the tournament HERE.

In the 4v4 portion of the Tournament, Team OpTic Gaming ended up taking the prize. There team consisted of NadeShot, Scump, BigTymer, and Merk. They played Team compLexity late Sunday evening. CompLexity recently won the Frag Cup 4 and were expected to sweep through the winners bracket but took a loss on Saturday in the second round against an up an coming AM Team, SoaR, and had to fight their way back within the losers bracket.

In the 2v2 portion of the Tournament, Team Big Reindeer, who consisted of BrianSaintt and SoaRMethodz (twitter handles), pulled off the victory over Team New Breed who consisted of FolsomnV and nbShamRokz (twitter handles).

The winner of the FFA portion of the Tournament went to Ricky Stacy, @MLGRickyyy (twitter handle) according to a tweet I received from UMGGAMING. I also received a confirmation via twitter from Ricky.

You can check out all the pictures I was able to take at the event HERE. I also have plenty of YouTube videos I am working on of LIVE footage I took during the event.

-Ubu out
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