Monday, December 24, 2012

EA using YouTube stars to promote BF3

The Examiner has just released a juicy post about how EA is using YouTube stars such as TmarTn, Woodysgamertag, and Whiteboy7thst to promote Battlefield 3 instead of their latest release, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

I don't know where The Examiner has gotten their information from BUT I don't see any Battlefield 3 videos on neither Woody's nor TmarTn's channel. I do however see Whiteboy posting a lot of Battlefield 3 gameplay of their latest Expansion Pack entitled, "Aftermath".

To quote one of there comments on the post, "So for anyone wondering why commentators like Whiteboy7thst, Woodysgamertag, and Tmartn randomly obtained this incredible passion for "Battlefield 3", now you know why. I don't blame them though, as this is a lively hood for them, no matter how shameless it may seem."

These are some pretty serious accusations and hopefully the community finds out the truth sooner or later. I myself could care less one way or the other but it is a little alarming to know that it's "possible" that these YouTube stars tell you to play a game because it's good when in fact the only real reason is because they are told to promote the game.

-Ubu out
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