Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#OSCEASEFIRE - Online Gamer Ceasfire?

Apparently some gamers have chosen to put the controller down on December 21, 2012 to show support for the Newtown, CT shooting victims.

Pearman, who is the CEO and Founder of GamerFitNation, is organizing an online cease fire for this coming Friday. He wants all gamers to stop firing virtual bullets to honor those whe were killed by real bullets last Friday. "I wanted to make a statement. I wanted gamers to come together to say we don't accept this. This doesn't say we blame video games. We just believe this is for us to do to show respect to the victims. It's a small sacrifice for a day," Pearman told ABC News.

I, myself, am not sure if I will be putting down the controller on Friday due only in part to the fact that I don't feel video games influence nutcases anymore then television does. The media is always quick to jump on an easy scape goat like the video game industry when something tragic happens. Violent video games are rated "M" for mature and only 17+ year olds can purchase it. Being 17 means that the person has the mental capacity to know right from wrong, to know what's real and fake within a video game. If an adult is mentally hanicap in some fashion and idolizes video game violence it's no different then seeing violence on our televisions. Someone is responsible to ensure that said mentally handicap'd person is taught correctly.

No matter what it's a very sad tragedy. My household has been burning candles and saying prayers for all those affected by this horrific incident. Will you join the #OSCEASEFIRE on Friday?

-Ubu out
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