Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ubu gambles, a Lil bit

I flew into Vegas last night around 11pm to go to CES 2012 because my main goal for 2012 is to increase Ubuntu's market share in the desktop environment. I didn't have a hotel or place to stay but I knew I could find a place within cab distance. I found a n excellent hotel called Imperial Palace. It is a very reasonable rate for 1 night. I told myself I could afford to lose $30 and that's what I lost. Lol it was on a game called Three Card Poker.

There's many ways to win and it's very fun needless to say. I really only have exposure to No-Limit Texas HoldEm and BlackJack from Potawatomi. I gave it a try and was up to double my money and should have quit but didn't.

Oh well, it's all about Ubu's first ever experience of what Vegas is all about.

On a side note I did not get business cards thrown in my face as I left the Airport as many said I would. I am all set for the show in 4 hours, video camera and all.

-Ubu out

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