Sunday, January 22, 2012

Call of the Community

What is "Call of the Community"? Call of the Community is designed as a fun, good natured tournament that brings the whole YouTube Call of Duty community together for a day of entertainment and helping others. The main website is HERE.

COC was originally created by Eric Aka Aviator and Paul aka Pyropuncher; Eric has carried on the event as it’s host and organizer. This is a Community based event, any one in the community is encouraged to promote the event. Together, we ALL can make a real difference.

The best part of this gaming community tournament is that it's organized to collect money for and spread awareness around charities. 100% (yes, ALL OF THE DONATIONS) go towards a Charity.

Thirst Relief: Thirst Relief

The first COC was so successful it raised around $24,000 for 3 charities.

The second COC (#COC2) is now in progress as I write this. It's so successful it is crashing the donation site "chipin".

Go check out the LIVESTREAM

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