Tuesday, December 20, 2011

UbuntuAddicted sets his 2012 goals

Ubu is a 32 year old adult Xbox 360 gamer who enjoys teaching himself new skills. He is a family man, a self-taught technical guru of almost all things (if not already will teach myself), an Ubuntu and FOSS advocate who was intrigued to learn about video game capture within Ubuntu Linux.
Over 1.5 years later Ubu is a social media power user on twitter and soon realized the important of networking within YouTube just like you would do for a traditional career. 
I am on most social media networks and attempting to create my social media foundation from twitter and work upwards from there, claw and fight my way into what seems like a closed-knit clique of YouTube celebraties. I am confident that with my skill set, I can offer something others can not or do not wish to. Example: Whiteboy7thSt apartment was broken into while he was away. I can help protect him better by installing a whole DVR type Security System or even a trigger system so he his notified via email when someone enters his home using, this with motion sensors. Another example was that Ons1augh7 and Bash had websites created and hosted on GoDaddy, whoever the website creator was didn't realize that both of their personal info was left in plain view within in the "whois" database so I easily found their full names and address. Did I use the information malisouly? NO, I informed them they need to get the admin in charge of their sites to change what the "whois" database shows about them.

By the end of 2012 I have a goal to be partnered with Youtube as well as Machinima and still use a 480p capture card. IF money comes in where I can justify an HD capture card it will be the Haugpauge Collosis versus the external HD-PVR. Check out xxSrcxxx COD YT channel as that's what he uses and it's some sick ass quality. It's $30 cheaper as well.

Wish me luck
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