Friday, December 30, 2011

"Ubu your Tech Guru" GFX and misc services provided

I do all my tweeting, twitvids, photo contests, giveaways while being mobile, my iPhone 4 is a BEAST. I downloaded the free app called BEAST MODE ENGAGED, nuff said. Join UbuntuAddicted in his quest to go VIRAL.

Pease follow me on twitter which is the same handle as my YouTube Channel, re-tweet those you enjoyed reading and my RT requests.

Content to come! Exciting times for @UbuntuAddicted;
-All things technologically advanced
-Speed art videos using GIMP
-Computer hardware upgrades
-Apple TV hacking to run XBMC
-How to get the MOST from your iPhone 4 (hands on video showing Jail Break 5.0.1 - if it's legal? :))
-Video showing how to flash the TSOP of the certain models of Original Xbox to run original XBMC (not recommended as that project has been abandoned due to XBMC port to Windows and Linux)
-Ubu Command Center Setup video
+tons more

Services Provided
-Backgrounds - YouTube (partnered or not) - Twitter - Blogspot....just ask and I may be able to help
-MythTV/Mythweb setup, administration, and maintainance (Analog PVR-350 and PVR-500 TV Cards still :(  )
-Depending on anticipated traffic amount and site size, HOSTING as well (if legal - lol)
-Capturing your Call of Duty theater mode playback, editing it, uploading to my dropbox (currently only 480p BUT soon to be 720p)
-Ubuntu help (Installing, configuring, and maintaining)
-Just about anything TECH related, just ask!!

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