Friday, January 11, 2013

Google Chrome 24 promises to speed things up

Google has released an updated version of their internet browser, Google Chrome. It's now version 24 for Windows, Linux, and Mac. There are no real new features, just speed improvements and security fixes.

The biggest improvement on the user side of things is the speed increase. Google's own Octane JavaScript test shows that this is the fastest Chrome release yet. There have been some improvements for developers, Google has made sure the HTML 5 datalist element now supports suggesting a date and time and has also added support for MaathML. On the security side Google has fixed 24, yes that's right, 24, sort of ironic don't you think, bug fixes that can be read HERE in the SVN revision log.

I am excited for this new version as it appears they have fixed a lot of security issues. You can download it HERE. We all know that browser security is almost the most important security on your computer as that's where most exploits lay on the internet.

-Ubu out
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