Thursday, January 3, 2013

Black Ops II - First DLC called Revolution

Information for the first Downable Content for Call of Duty Black Ops II has been leaked, it is being called "Revolution". The store advertisement has January 29th at the top of the sign and states "First on Xbox Live". So there is no telling when PS3 owners will be able to download the DLC.

You can notice in the picture that there are 4 new Multiplayer maps which are called Hydro, Downhill, Grind, and Mirage. The fifth map is for Zombies Co-Op which is called Die Rise. There is also a weapon in this DLC called the Peacekeeper but it's not known whether the gun will be for Zombies Co-Op or added to multiplayer. There has never been a gun added in DLC for multiplayer in the past so it is believed that it's only for Zombies Co-Op gameplay.

You can buy a Season Pass for $49.99 which would save you $10.00 versus buying all four map packs seperately which normally cost $15.00/each. Will you be purchasing the first of four DLC map packs or will you purchase the Season Pass? I will be purchasing the Season Pass myself.

-Ubu out
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